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Private POP3 Email Hosting and WebMail

Get a business-class, private domain, email account hosting service. Only $9.99/year. 10mb storage available. Account will be live within 24 Hours from the time payment is received. Unlimited plan $19.99

Why do I want to pay for an email account when there are plenty I can get for free. I will give you 5-reasons why.

  1. To get a job. Some employers will not reply to a free account.

  2. No Spam or advertising. Spam control is provided by SpamAssassin . The #1 provider of spam control.

  3. To be a real person, professional. A robot can't buy something.

  4. Take where ever you go. You can forward all your other email accounts here.

  5. Do not like your ISP WebMail and POP3 email is not available.

Don't have an email or Credit Card! NO PROBLEM! Complete the online order form, print and mail with your money order.

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What will my email address look like?
We use first name and last name initial or first name initial and last name. You choose. John Doe would look like or .

Unlike free email service providers, our email service is for personal business email hosting and email backup.
For only $9.99/year, you will get full webmail and SMTP/POP3/IMAP email service, max 10mb WebMails and emails using Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail, etc.

ORDER with your Credit Card or Bank Account


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